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About the Author of "Stop Killing Your Kids"

David W. Brown feeding new friends while  snowshoeing on Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Author David W. Brown

After 15 years of research on cancer, and diseases and overall health as it relates to nutrition. Author David W. Brown holistic nutritionist explores the research on nutrition and how it relates to children’s health. The research exposes the facts about what we put in our children’s mouth, and the harm it is causing. Dave is not interested in paid marketing from companies that are putting your child’s health at risk. His book will explain what the latest research shows. He is not afraid to stand up for the rights of children. Standing up for children rights has been part of Dave’s life for many years. Dave started a parenting magazine in 1987 titled "The Preschool Times" in the Portland, Oregon. During this same time frame he started baseball clinics for children aged 2 1/2  to 7 years old. This was a great success. He walked across the United States for Children Abuse Prevention in 1989 backpacking across America to talk with the people in positions to help better the lives of children. This first book titled “Stop Killing Your Kids” is an extension of his passion for ensuring that children grow up to be happy, safe and healthy. Dave was honored to work with children with cancer as a counselor at cancer camps for kids. These wonderful kids deeply touched Dave. Anyone that knows Dave knows he is very passionate about the well being of children. Dave also founded a magazine years ago “Wanted by the Law” (no longer in print) that focused on stopping crimes against children and hold people responsible for those crimes.

Dave was featured on local TV shows, newspapers and radio programs across America to get his message out. His book will cover the state of health in America’s children, and what can be done to improve their health. This in-depth research will amaze you. Dave will explain the chemistry and biology needed to keep your children healthy. Dave has been a long time entrepreneur Dave Brown was the founder of Cyberhighway Internet Services and has since sold the company to a publicly traded company. After selling Cyberhighway he was asked to become the CEO of Emergecore Networks, and he created the award-winning product “IT IN A BOX” a small office router, email server and much more. This product beat IBM and Novell for innovative product of the year In the Linux category.

The product went on to receive many more awards. Dave then moved on to pursue more passionate interests in the health food industry creating his healthy restaurant. Dave is now spending his time focusing on the creations of books on cancer and nutrition. Dave Brown is an avid road biker and mountain biker, riding 20 to 40 miles each day weather permitting. Dave also enjoys skydiving and is a scuba diving instructor. He loves playing baseball and softball. Staying active is an essential aspect of being healthy. Dave has also been asked to design healthy menu items for restaurants looking to add healthy options. He is now following his real passion.